Frequently asked questions

What does your pricing start at?

Our pricing for weddings start at $1000 and goes up based on your package selection. For our events, our starting price is $250 and goes up based on your needs and style!

What are your favorite wedding planning apps?

We create all of our wedding websites for our clients on ZOLA.com! It is so easy to use and has so many styles for all types of couples! Another one of our favorite planning sites is Allseated.com, you can choose your venue and a basic floor plan pops up, all you have to do is add tables and chairs! It is literally amazing!

Top 5 tips for planning a wedding.

1. Create a budget and stick to it! Be aware of what you are spending and seek quotes from a few vendors before choosing the perfect one! 2. Pick your style and get off pinterest! Its hard to keep your style when there are so many ideas and trends flying around. Try to stay focused on ideas and inspo that align with your vision. 3. Book vendors you formed a relationship with and mesh well with! This will give you the comfort and trust you need to let go and let them do their thing! 4. ALWAYS have a back up plan! When finding your venue, make sure there is an alternative location if weather permits you from a outdoor ceremony/reception! Try to avoid room flips, as they are chaotic sometimes if you dont have an experienced planner to help! 5. ENJOY AND LET GO. On the wedding day, some things might go wrong or run behind but trust your vendors to fix them and move forward. It is so important to keep a positive attitude and know that what matters most is having fun and getting married!

I am recently engaged, where do I start?!

Book your perfect venue and date! Then hire a wedding planner first! When booking FB, we provide you with a detailed checklist and a list of all discounts we provide. Often times planners are the last to be hired when in fact, we should be the first! We are the only vendors who can give you step by step checklists to ensure you have the best planning process and stay in budget! After hiring your planner, check a photogrpaher and videogrpaher off your list! These lovely people often only have a team of 1-2 and can only take on 1 wedding at a time. Find your favorites and book them ASAP!

What discounts will I recieve if I book FB?

We love a good deal! Especially when it comes to planning a wedding. We have worked extremly hard with our fellow vendors to bring our cleints the best discounts to alleviate their planning process! Some discounts we offer: - 20% off save the dates and invites, menu cards and so much more - $500 DJ services - $10 off spray tans - 20% off sparklers and more!

When do I need to get my marriage license?

You can get your marriage license from the county courthouse 1 day to 1 week before your wedding, you have 30 days after the wedding to return your marriage license via hand delivered or mail!


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