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Katlynn Browning

Owner, Wedding Planner

I started FBE in 2016 when I discovered my love of weddings, since then FBE has grown into such an incredible company filled with many amazing people behind the scenes! I married my husband in July 2020 and welcomed my baby girl into this world in April 2021! My hobbies include taking care of 3 big dogs, drinking coffee and shopping for way too many baby clothes! Being a wedding planner is a career I never imagined being so fulfilling, yet here I am, planning weddings every weekend and making amazing friends along the way! One of my favorite parts to a wedding day is bringing the bride or groom out to view her ceremony and reception space completely done and perfect before guests arrive and seeing their faces light up! Weddings are such hard work and a long planning process, it is just so amazing to know it is everything they imagined! I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with you on your event and I can't wait get planning! 


                                                                                   Xoxo, Katlynn 


Abbi Fuller

Lead Wedding Planner

I have been with FBE since 2019 and have loved every single minute of learning how to make your day as special as possible! I am a big fan of anything that sparkles, the color pink, and my dog! Planning my own wedding this past year has given me a whole new insight on what it is like to be on the other side of the planning process and I want to help erase some of that stress for you! I absolutely love the detail and organization that goes into wedding planning and I am known to bring multiple sets of colored pens and highlighters to our meetings together! One of my favorite moments on the wedding day is when I have sent everyone down the aisle and I get to stand with the bride right before she goes out. It is so special to get to share those last moments together and for her to see all of her months of planning pay off! I am so excited to get to know future brides and for the weddings we will create together!

Love, Abbi


Melanie Mikles

Lead Wedding Planner

I have been with FBE since January 2020! Working with my team is the greatest gift, I love these girls so much! I have a very free spirited, helpful and funny personality! In fact, my boss says her favorite characteristic about me is my ability to make light and fun in any situation! I am a passionate TikToker and love my cat! My favorite aspect of the job is working with couples to figure out their vision and how to create the look and make it flawless. Let me allow you to sit back and truly soak up the best moments without any stress! 

Talk Soon, Mel

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